Dulce de Leche

I got a beautiful  from my landlord lady in exchange for a small portion of a Japanese pork dish, which I made yesterday. A small gift brings me a great reward!
Well, I had it for breakfast this morning. Wow, it smoothly melted in my mouth! I really like how it tastes: a great combination of bitterness and sweetness. I should definitely buy some ice cream so that I can put some scoops on top of the ice cream. It should take me to heaven!
“Wait, are you OK with getting more weigh? You’ve already got xx kilos since you came to the Netherlands…” Some stoic Mariko whispered… Yes, I am OK! My current plan is that I will enjoy the Dulce de Leche with ice cream every day and end up having a beautiful and strong body like Dutch women. I then will be able to ride a Dutch bike, which looks like a huge horse!



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