Special, yes, very special.

Before having meat dishes we had a very inspiring lecture by Prof. Ivo Smits from Leiden U. on Japanese ancient literature, many authors of which were women!
For the meat dishes we had a blind tasting of two glasses of Pino Noir, one of which is from Bourgogne, France and the other is from Hokkaido, Japan. Both were amazing!
It was such a pleasant and enjoyable evening.

I’ve just realized how lucky I am to be a tenant of the wonderful landlord family, who are kind, caring, friendly, thoughtful, and have great sense of humor. Last summer when I arrived in Leiden I knew only few people, but now I have met and shared time with so many people thanks to my landlord family. I must say they are my role model, who are open to and accept those who are from different backgrounds, nationalities, languages, generations.



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