Quarantine Day 3




I had a dream last night: I was in a jungle lying on the ground, receiving heat from a bonfire nearby, listening to a swinging chorus of birds, smelling beautiful fragrances of trees, flowers and wet soil.
I felt a cat or some animal stepping on my body.

All of sudden I found myself lying on a bed in my room in Leiden. I noticed I had forgotten to close windows before going to bed. I must have mixed up what was going on in the court yard in front of my bedroom during the night and created a dream of my staying in a deep jungle.

The sun stayed until late in the evening, say 10pm, last night, and people enjoyed sailing boat, chatting on grass, doing barbecue, and birds also enjoyed flying one place to another and singing beautiful songs. Not only humans but also animals and plants seem to appreciate the brief summer as much as they can.



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