Gathering with neighbors

It was such a peaceful and enjoyable afternoon to attend a gathering of my neighborhood, which my landlord family initiated. More than thirty people got together at a beautiful common place, which is surrounded by their gardens and houses, and chatted over a plenty of dishes and drinks. There were so many moments that I enjoyed and wanted to remember, but what amazed me most was the fact that people from different generations, backgrounds, even nationalities, got together and discuss how to cope each other and make their community in a better shape. Well, I am afraid that we cannot find somewhere like this in Tokyo. There may be some areas in downtown Tokyo, where you can find local communities, which individuals can keep their own privacies as well as share their family histories, for example my current neighbors in Leiden have known my landlord family’s daughters since they were born and taken a good care of them for long years. But I would say there are almost no places in Japan where people from different generations and backgrounds could communicate each other with at least more than one language, namely Japanese. I truly hope our future society in Japan will have numerous local communities which should go beyond their backgrounds, languages, nationalities, races, sexualities, which will eventually make me feel at home.


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