Quarantine Day 8

OK, I have to admit that I am bored. At the beginning of my quarantine period, I was pretty sure that I could handle it as I used to stay at home for weeks to work on papers. I realized that the idea that I was not allowed to go outside made me feel totally exhausted. I just admire people in China and other areas who had/still have to stay at home for months.

Well, it’s mandatory and technically I can go out. My landlord family says I should go shopping or take a walk. But what makes me more exhausted is that, even though I was fed up with the strange atmosphere in Tokyo, where people watch each other and try not to be criticized by others for their deviant behaviors, I can’t help thinking people in Leiden might criticize me if I go out during my quarantine. That means I am such an idiot, who is easily influenced by others and cannot think by herself…. Sigh…

I still have no courage to stay outside. So I made a lunch box and enjoy picnicking at home! It was a pleasant moment to lie on a yoga mat and grab rice balls. I put Gouda cheese in the rice balls. Japanese cuisine meets Dutch one!








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