Book Challenge Day 6: Dayanita Shingh, “Museum Bhavan”.

Book Challenge Day 6: Dayanita Shingh, “Museum Bhavan”.
I realized that I had known nothing about India when I visited the exhibition “Museum Bhavan” by Dayanita Shingh, a world-renowned woman photographer from India, held at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in 2017.
I particularly enjoyed a series of photographies titled “Myself Mona Ahmed” and “The Third Sex Portfolio”, which focus on Eunuch people.
I was overwhelmed as well as fascinated by how their daily lives were portrayed as powerful and beautiful.
I was very much inspired by Mona, the protagonist of the series “Myself Mona Ahmed”, who, in order to overcome discrimination in Indian society, has established communities for Eunuchs to substitute their real family and supported each other.
In connection with Dayanita Shingh’s photography catalogue, I’ve got one more book in my mind to put this book challenge: “The Night Life of Trees” published by Tara Books in India, which publishes illustrated books for children, the stories of which are based on Indian folktales.
I’ve learned that Tara Books hires Indian female artists, who make stories and illustrate them, as well as local craftsmen, who make copies by hand, so that they can support the local community.
Once you get a copy from Tara Books, you will be amazed by the beautiful illustrations and the powerful story produced by Indian female artists!


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